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Our inspiration comes from giving you a memorable taste

Cakes by Creacion is a cakery that specializes in making a wide range of sensational gourmet cakes and other scrumptious treats. Our cakery was incorporated in 2009, we are a team of diligent, dedicated and passionate individuals trained in the art of cake making and artistry, our inspiration comes from you, as a result no two cakes are alike. We create to indulge the style and taste of our client.

The love for quality, creative food, and client satisfaction motivates us. At Creacion no two cakes are the same, our drive is to make your cake fantasy come alive, this is achieved via the combination of fresh ingredients sourced locally and from around the world. Our designs ranging from butter-iced/gateaux designs to fondant has been defined as classy and unique, exquisite, innovative, glamourous, and typically scrumptious, not to mention our cake ornament are gorgeous and epic.

Our corporate cakes can represent your brand, logo, concept, product and all your company represents. The wedding cakes are not left out, they are exquisitely customized to crown your event, our believe is that your wedding cake is the mini bride. Year on year we have grown rapidly thanks to our loyal repeat customers, likewise to the deligence, dedication and passion of each and every staff member who have undergone rigorous training in technique, gourmet procedures, hygiene and quality control in line with international best practices. Our dedicated team strives to achieve the impossible with every cake design and project bigger and better than the last.


All our cakes are hand crafted in love, just to give you a wow sensation.


Our founder

Adedolapo Ologunde is the creative mind behind Creacion Cakes, she has an obsession for quality ingredent, pays keen attention to the littlest detail, and ensures all cakes are custom made to satisfy the taste and style of her customers. Her reward is a satisfied customer-base. She specializes in gourmet cakes, cookies, sugarowers, cake ornament as well as cake-related treats, and a wide range of desserts.

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